Kids Magic Parties at the Magic Zone!


About our Parties:

The Magic Zone offers a unique experience for both young and young at heart by hosting a magical birthday party. Many children and adults leave our custom built venue stating that it was the best kid’s party ever. This is due in part to age appropriate interactive entertainment and a strong focus on having a good time. 


A Magic Zone Birthday party is a great value for money event, with 3 pricing options. Parties include invites, Puzzle corner play, Bouncy Mushroom House play, games by staff, 45 min Magic show, Tea, Coffee and milk. All you need to bring is your food and drink and guests.


Our Party Venue:

It’s what’s on the inside that matters! 




The Magic Zone Theatre is not much too look at on the outside... but step inside and you will see how the Magic and the wow factor makes this Theatre a popular venue for parties and functions.  With ample parking and located just 2 mins from Eastlink, The Magic Zone Theatre is convenient to get to for patrons right in the heart of suburbia. The venue is cosy enough for up to 100 patrons to mingle and soak up the wondrous atmosphere. It is home to the Magic Circle of Victoria and displays one of the State’s best Magical Poster Collections. The Puzzle Corner is a new feature ideally suited for 6-12 year olds. And the awesome Magic Mushroom bouncy castle fun for the kids!


You'll be amazed!!! 




Party Inclusions & FYI: 

  • Party Invitations including mud map.  
  • A certificate presented to the birthday child.
  • Party duration is 90 mins with 30 mins allowed before the event to get food set-up and 30 mins after the event to pack-up 
  • Use of a kitchen facilities including fridge, small freezer, Pie warmer, Urn, filtered drinking water, Tea & Coffee, plates, cups, utensils, preparation table.  Ideal for caterers.  Please note: No cooking facilities, warmer only.
  • Table Cloths and trestle tables, chairs for the children are all preset for your party, please confim numbers 1 week prior to your event. Tables and bar tables and stools are available for the adults. 
  • A Magic party bag is available upon request @ $5 for each child guest containing with a magic wand, easy to learn trick, balloon and pen. Parents to add any extra including edibles.  7 days notice is required. 
  • Fully equipped for disabled patrons. 
  • It is appreciated if you bag up your food waste etc after the party. All other cleaning is carried out by Magic Zone Staff. 
  • Separate tables for presents and birthday cake. 
  • A selection of hands-on puzzles and curiosities in the puzzle corner for the inquisitive. Please do not remove any puzzles from this area, they are for everyone's enjoyment.
  • An unsupervised Mushroom bouncy house. 
  • Any games are run by the adults attending the party at their own risk. Games may varie including parachute game, dancing statues, duck, duck goose, and others depending on age and size of party.  Parents who wish to request pass the parcel must provide the parcel.
  • An unforgettable 45 minute magical experience featuring illusions, animals and plenty of audience participation.
  • Kid’s sit on the floor mat provided in front of stage and adults on seats or standing.
  • It is appreciated if parents resist their child from entering the stage unless participated by Magician & assistants.



Party Format

Patrons may arrive 30 minutes before the start time for preparation

  • 0-10 mins Greet guests Hello 
  • 10-30 mins Wizard Games, Puzzle Corner and Magic Mushroom 
  • 30-45 mins Time to eat. All food provided by guests 
  • 45-90 mins Magic Stage Show 
  • Happy Birthday, Cut cake and depart. 

Patrons may depart 30 minutes after the end of the party.


Party Pricing


  • Saturday 11AM to 12:30 or 2PM to 3:30 
  • Sunday 11 AM to 12:30 or 2PM to 3:30 
  • Weekdays: By appointment up to 8PM. 


*Note: Up to two parties may run concurrently depending on the booking. The venue can accommodate up to 80 persons. Each party must have at least two responsible adults to supervise their group  


*Note: The maximum number of children is 40 due to safety reasons, package #3 and #4 must not exceed 40 children, numbers may be made up with adults.


  • Price Package #1. Up to 24 children @ $350 per party booking. Maximum number of children and adults 40 
  • Price Package #2. Up to 32 children @ $450 per party booking. Maximum number of children and adults 60 Exclusive
  • Price Package #3. Up to 40 children @ $500 per booking. Maximum number of children and adults 80 


A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a party booking. Payment can be via bank transfer, credit card or cash. The facilities at The Magic Zone are open for viewing Monday to Friday 8AM to 4PM. Final payment must be made before the party starts. If there are more attendees than the package allows then you must go up to the next package or pay $10 per person extra.  Party bags are $5 each. The party will commence at the times advertised and it is the group’s responsibility to be at the venue for the correct time.


Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us with any queries, our friendly staff are happy to assist.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.