Are Children Under 3 Free?

Each price package has a maximum number of people allowed. Children under 3 are not included in that figure, and are free


Can I stay and watch the Party?

Yes! Parents & adults are encouraged to stay and enjoy the show.  The Magic show is designed for the adults to enjoy as well as the children.  Please be aware the children remain responsibility of the parents before, during and after the show.  We provide venue and entertainment in a safe, fun environment.


Can we have extra Time?

90 minutes is a good length of time for a birthday party and with an extra 60 minutes already included, we do not offer any other time extensions. 


Is the show suitable for my (insert age here) year old? 

As far as we can, we try to make the show age appropriate and provide high quality family entertainment. The show is best suited for 6 years and upwards. We understand families consist of under 6, toddlers and babies, so we keep the show friendly not to scare any youngsters whilst making it magical for everyone.


Can I see a Show without holding a Party? 

Yes throughout the year we hold fully seated Public shows. They are very popular. Go to the Events calendar for further details of up-coming events. 


Can the magician do a show outside of the Magic Zone?

Yes we perform many events at different venues throughout Australia.  Specialising in all areas, corporate events, birthday parties, we can cater to any event. Go to our custom Events dropdown for more information.  Or contact us on 03 97298918 or go to our contact us page


Can I get caterers in? Is alcohol permitted? Can we have Pizza/fast food? Can I organise my own games? Can we bring Ice Cream cake?  

Yes provided that everything is in moderation and fits in with the Party format.  For food caterers we recommend 'Good Life party Food' in Wantirna, and Sinatra's Pizza in Bayswater.  Ice Cream cake can be stored in fridge, but there is no freezer, so not recommended on really hot days.  



Can I change the Party Format? Can I cook food on site? Can I smoke in the venue? Can I redecorate the venue by sticking things on walls? Can I go on stage without being invited? Can my group run around unsupervised? Can aspects of the venue be altered to reflect my views and beliefs?


No. By sticking to a tried and trusted formula we know we can deliver an enjoyable event. 


My Child has had a party or has been to the Magic Zone before. Can you do something a bit different this time around?

The basics will always remain the same but we always endeavour to keep things fresh and exciting. 


Can I hold a joint birthday party or not celebrate a party but just bring along my group?

Yes provided that it falls within the 4 package deals.


What do you do that makes my birthday boy/girl feel special?

We involve the children in the magic show providing they are willing participants and not too nervous.  The birthday child will be presented with their own Magician's Assistant Certificate.


Can I use Photography or video the birthday party?

Yes but within reason. One must be aware or the privacy of others. You are welcome to take stills during the show but videoing the magic show is strictly forbidden. 


Who is responsible for the safety of my guests?

The Magic Zone provides a safe environment and every precaution is made to ensure patron’s health and safety. Supervision of the party is the responsibility of the adults present. Magic Zone staff will intervene if any unsafe practice is undertaken. Parents are responsible for their group both inside and outside the venue.


Show tips:

*Why not organise a Magic Show for a fundraising event or your next corporate function? We specialise in tailoring our shows to our audience and are happy to discuss your specific needs.                                      
BYO SNACKS & DRINKS (non-preparation food only, eg: chips, lollies etc)
The Magic Shop is also on site, there are many great magic tricks for sale starting from beginners, ask for a demonstration.   Magic showbags are available at $10, Magic party Bags available @ $5



Contact Us:

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